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OpTic Gaming Plays League Play!

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  1. Can someone find out when league play comes out for Xbox One?

  2. WoWsers. . .
    Lmao. . .

  3. Free giveaway today check out the video https://youtu.be/jYyfE49A9gQ

  4. How do you only get 6 pointed in hp? Lol

  5. They really need to make it so that you can’t play league play with more than a party of 3. Or if you do run a team of 4-5 then you HAVE to play against another team of 4-5.

  6. I just had a sick idea; how about we call Seth, Scumper jumper the penis pumper! Lol

  7. What sensitivity does it use?

  8. Why crim sound like a lil bitch all the time

  9. The system is unfair, as it should be solosvs solos etc..

  10. Ran into karma on infinite warfare he never touched the ground he went 74-2

  11. That outro is perfect don’t ever change it

  12. Remember that vid in bo2 when he doubled up on hellstorm and didn’t use it, well it happened again

  13. Keep uploading league play

  14. Imagine how many views this video would have achieved if PC and Xbox had league play too

  15. Imagine a team actually beating them on league play against the entire team of optic 💁‍♂️

  16. Wtf is this, this is pure carnage man. There is no entertainment, plus y’all got the easy ladder

  17. I was listening to fireworks and then watched this video thats is creepy af

  18. Scump was a god with the ACR in MW3 – I wish he still used an AR, his shot is good with the ICR.

  19. Why only 6 minute videos

  20. GOAT🐐 👑👑👑👑

  21. How can the team that brought us league play with blackops2 go so wrong with league play in blackops4?

    Blackops2 leagueplay system was the perfect template ,it followed the pros rules ,ranked you by your stats in game and wins and put you into games with people on your skill level not time played then they messed it up with blackops3 and the stupid ban and protect system and now this errrr .

    Advanced warfare was even a better ranked system than this

  22. Scump if you are playing league play with a full team of pros you need to convince them to do the hardpoint 249 to 0 challenge .

    Allow the other team to get 249 to 0 and come back and win,you can fully streak out during the time just cant take the hardpoint until they hit 249 will make it harder and good practice for bouncing back 🤪 also make an awesome youtube vid its only been done in pubs so far

  23. I would LOVE to see Clap Gang go against OpTic. Even if CG loses, they’re still minors after all and will eventually go pro

  24. Looked like a point and click adventure, my god Seth.

  25. I don't like how the rank system works, I wish it was just an elo system like Siege and Overwatch and other competitive games.

  26. This dude needs to quit optic, he's been here for 7 -8 years

  27. Treyarch has fucked this game up

  28. New Challenge: Go in a game with the optic squad and try to beat a team 250 to 0 in hardpoint, Thank me later

  29. When’s league coming to Xbox

  30. was seth trying in this???????? hmmm idk #Legend

  31. Play on shitty internet 10 feet away from a 50 inch 1080 TV with no headset instead of the best possible fiber internet 1 foot away from a high refresh monitor with most expensive headset. Guaranteed the playing field would be level

  32. LG 2019 World Champs Esketit

  33. Behind the Maddox the Swordfish has always been the best gun tbh

  34. Anyone else finding league play way easier than pubs?

  35. With TJ, and Karma they go 250-0

  36. Oh man you make life better buddy😆

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